Yoga on two wheels - Day 1 of Werratal Eichsfeld Circuit

Today, a tour started on which I had drwan on much longer than necessary. Eventually, you have to click the route planner shut and get on the bike. So today is the first of five tour days and it will mostly be consumed by reaching the destination area of the Werra river valley and the man-made landscape of Eichsfeld (Oak Field). The approach means about 200 kilometers of german highway plus another 100 kilometers along my planned tour to reach the first day's stage. On the way to the designated tour area, two things can go wrong:

  1. Bombing down the highway so fast, that you're to exhausted to enjoy riding your bikeinthe actual tour area. Or
  2. hanging behind, arriving with weary bones and being so behind schedule that you have to skip part of the first day's coordinates to reach your accommodation on time.

I tend to do both and have gathered more than enough experinces with those two options. Hence, I was relieved to find a enduro duo on the highway I could attach myself to. They were doing an efficient but safe pace so I stuck to their rear tires and went along. A rather parasitic behavior as saves you obligatorily checking your speed and deciding when to overtake slower vehicles in front of you. Like a pearl on a string I followed my two new friends a limited my thinking to a minimum. This way even a couple of hundred kilometers of dry highway can be as relaxing as yoga on two wheels.