Offroad - 2nd Day in Werra Valley and Eichsfeld

First task today was picking up the route through the Werra Valley and Eichsfeld that I had interraupted yesterday. It got late so I had to leave my scheduled tour in Heiligenstadt already and went for my accommodation. I had assembled the tour data to get back on my orginal track quickly with the route planning program late yesterday night. I regretted it this morning when it led me over the highway, which I had not exactly asked for. As a sightseeing spot I had included Bodenstein Castle into this 5-day-circuit. But when I got there, this medieval fortification was hidden in the forest and it was unclear how to get there with my motorcycle. I tried to roll a little beyond the ramaced parking lot to see if there was a road leading up to the castle. Instead;I found a considerable and legal offroad track that allowed switching the GS'sassistance systems from "road" to "enduro". Something I hadn't expected at all on this trip. Gladly this was only the beginning of some more offroad fun a couple of kilometers later. Gravel road turned into loose gravel and even bigger pebbles. Just when I had adjusted my driving and was confidently picking up speed the dirt track turned into a green fieldpath with deep lane grooves, that had to be followed. Eventually it changed to two-lane grass paving blocks with a steep descent. A great experience that I had not expected in the heart of Germany and a cultivated landscape like the Eichsfeld.