A moto voyage in December 2021 around Columbia. Along the journey we find coffee plantations growing one of the best coffees in the world, once flourishing post-colonial ports. We ride the slopes of active volcanoes, through bizarre jungle worlds, transship our bikes on wooden boats to cross rivers und reach the open range of the desert.

When the Covid-19 pandemic finally reached an interim low in spring 2022, intercontinental travel become at least a little reliable again, even though a lot of paperwork was involved. It was just then, that a WhatsApp from my "old" motorcycle buddy Jonathan (he really is 70 years old) fluttered to my mobile phone display. Just three months ago I had crossed the Colombian Andes with him and now the travel fever was plaguing him again. Uganda, the pearl of East Africa, should be the scene of our next motorcycle adventure. For a while I looked for reasons not to go along, couldn't find any and a few weeks later we were sitting together on the shores of Lake Victoria in the Ugandan capital of Kampala, feverishly awaiting the start of Moto Safari Uganda 2022.

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