Without Words- Day 3 of "Inferno"-Circuit in Luneburg Heath

It's not always easy to assign a catchy title to a whole region and the places you visit on a motorcycle tour. I usually tend to choose an ironic umbrella term but the location I visited today, would not have allowed that. Because today I went to see the Bergen-belsen Holocaust Memorial Site. The historical place is easy to find, the staff of the exhibition center is very helpful and the entrance is free. Bergen-Belsen was not only a concentration camp but also a camp for sovjet prisoners of war. Tenthousands of them died ther due to the inhumane living conditions. I went to the Bergen-Belsen memorial site because I knew Anne Frank died there. Her diary was among the set books in school. Her for a teenage girl mature but at the same time spirited and dreamful view on herself, the people around her and on the surrounding conditions she lived in, movied me then and does to the day. The memorila stone for her and her sister at the camp site is one of many for those people who lost their lives in this camp. Her factual grave is most certainly among the  large mass graves, that a spread like burial mount on th historical camp site. Most of them contain the remains of a thousand human beings.