A new travel buddy

This morning I had rice and beans with fried egg on top for breakfast. I enjoyed eating it because it's worth getting used to it as early as possible. The more I'll get upcountry the more often I won't have another choice than rice and beans with maybe fried egg on top. Yesterday I met Sean from London at the airport. He will be with me on that tour around Colombia and this morning at breakfast we had the opportunity to get to talk to each other for the first time. He turned out to be very nice, humerous and cultivated guy and we immediately hiked Downhill into downtown Cali together.

We visited the local archaeological museum which is in old colonial style building. The city ist full of exhaustion fumes, noise and many many people. The quiet garden on the inside of the museum is a beautiful retreat and I just add to record my second video log entry. On the evening Sean and I did another walk downtown looking for a seafood restaurant. We didn't find one and instead ate delicious Hamburgers and fries at a small restaurant in immediate vicinity of our hotel. Today all together we walked more than ten kilometers.